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mg4355电子游戏网址讲座(八十九)—西苏格兰大学Andrew S Hursthouse教授学术报告

2019-03-08 15:23:34mg娱乐游戏平台官网

报告题目:Soil Contaminant Baselines in the management of urban ecosystems



报告人:西苏格兰大学Andrew S Hursthouse教授


报告摘要With increasing growth of the urban environment as population migration dominates land use, the resilience of urban ecosystem services is under significant pressure. Urban soils provide many significant functions for wider urban management and identifying their role as a source or sink of urban pollution is critical if we are to resolve their contribution to remediating and sustaining healthy urban ecosystems. A series of projects linked to defining the state and function of urban soils in a number of European cities provides opportunities to study source terms and base line conditions for typical metallic (potentially toxic elements – PTEs) and organic pollutants (e.g. PAHs, PCBs). These studies highlight high levels of variability due to the wide range of inputs and the sources of contamination from air pollution through to direct introduction of wastes and the effects of urban management practice. Work includes the derivation of sources from the multivariate analysis of data on soil pollution from metallic elements, soil properties and basic indicators. The tools developed to assess impacts on desired soil function e.g. in supporting urban green infrastructure, must form part of the management strategy to ensure reliable clean up and maintenance of urban ecosystems.

Andrew S Hursthouse教授概况:Professor Andrew Hursthouse obtained his Ph.D. in Environmental Radioactivity at the University of Glasgow in 1989. He is professor of Environmental Geochemistry at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) with over 30 years’ experience applying an earth-systems approach to research which covers the transport/behaviour of pollutants in the environment (air quality, land degradation and remediation, and aquatic biogeochemistry), evaluating their impact on ecosystems and for human health. He holds a high-end expert fellowship at the Regional Key Laboratory for Shale Gas Exploitation, Hunan University of Science & Technology, Xiangtan, China. He is a Trustee of Environmental Protection Scotland ( and Past President of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry & Health (

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