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2018-03-19 15:45:47mg娱乐游戏平台官网


报告题目:Ultrapermeable Membranes Coming of Age



报告人:香港大学Chuyang Tang教授


Title:Ultrapermeable Membranes Coming of Age

Abstract:We are in an age of exponential development of high performance membranes. The emergence of novel desalting materials and fabrication methods are blooming. Aquaporin proteins, carbon nanotubes, nanoporous graphene and graphene oxide have emerged as promising candidates for high performance reverse osmosis membranes. These novel membranes can potentially offer orders of magnitude improvement over conventional thin-film composite polyamide membranes. This presentation provides a comprehensive assessment of the current progresses and challenges in synthesizing membranes with ultrapermeability.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Chuyang Y. Tang has been an associate professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Hong Kong since 2013. Before that, he was an associate professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he also served as the Deputy Director of the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre. Dr. Tang obtained his PhD degree on Environmental Engineering from Stanford University in 2007. His main research interests include membrane technology, novel environmental materials, desalination and water reuse. Dr. Tang has authored/co-authored more than 180 refereed journal papers, including 20+ papers in Environ. Sci. Tech. He is one of the top cited researchers in environmental engineering. According to 谷歌 Scholar?, his works have been cited for 11918 times with an H-index of 61.

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