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mg4355电子游戏网址讲座(四十七)—韩国浦项科技大学Wonyong Choi教授学术报告

2017-05-08 16:03:10mg娱乐游戏平台官网

报告题目:Semiconductor Photocatalyst Hybrids for Energy and Environmental Applications



报告人:韩国浦项科技大学Wonyong Choi教授


Prof. Wonyong Choi教授,现任韩国浦项科技大学环境科学与工程学院教授,1996年于美国加州理工学院环境科学专业获得博士学位,1996-1998年在美国NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)实验室从事博士后研究,1998年进入韩国浦项科技大学环境科学与工程学院工作,目前还担任Environmental Science &Technology期刊副主编,美国化学会期刊《Environmental Science & Technology》、《Journal of Physical Chemistry》和英国皇家学会《Energy and Environmental Science》等的编辑顾问委员会委员。曾获得“KAST Science and Technology Award”奖;KIST Excellent Researcher Award奖;“青年科学家奖”等。目前主要开展半导体光催化在环境与能源方面的应用;光催化产氢;可见光响应光催化剂的研发;水和大气的光催化净化;深度氧化降解(AOPs);环境光化学以及环境中的氧化还原过程等;至今已经发表学术论文220多篇论文,总引用次数超过23000次,H-index为59 (Web of Science, as of 2015/12统计).


The photoinduced electron transfers occurring at the semiconductor surface are the key process of solar photosynthetic and photocatalytic processes. In particular, this phenomenon has been extensively investigated for the environmental purification of water and air and the solar energy storage through solar fuel synthesis. Metal oxides such as TiO2, WO3, and Fe2O3that consists of earth-abundant elements are the most practical base materials for such applications.Despite their popularity as solar conversion materials, breakthroughs in materials development have yet to be achieved for practical applications.A variety of approaches have been investigated to modify the base metal oxides using diverse inorganic and organic materials. The heterojunctions built at the interface of metal oxide reduce the charge recombination or enhance the interfacial charge transfer to achieve the higher conversion efficiency.In this talk, the general principles of this technology will be introduced and various modifications of metal oxides with interfacial heterojunctions will be discussed for photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic applications. The specific examples include photocatalytic water and air treament, dual-purpose photocatalysis for H2-recovering water treatment,photoelectrochemical water splitting, andphotosynthesis of H2O2. Each research example will be discussed in view of how various modificationsof the semiconductor interfaceaffect the solar conversion activities and mechanisms.

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